Why FAILURE Is Important In Life

Why FAILURE Is Important In Life


Failure is important because it’s pushing you out of your comfort zone. failure is important because it teaches us lot. failure is important because the people who don’t fall never try something new as a society we need a stop permanlity labeling other as a failure. if people don’t stop being afraid of failure then they won’t take any risk unless we take any risk how are we supposed to succeed?

Here is the full form of failure:

  • F..ire of success
    A..ctivation point
    I..nnovates your life
    L..earn your level☺
    U..nderstanding zone
    R..ealize your capabilities
    E..motional sometimes
    life without failure will be boring.

It’s like speed brakes. without these brakes, none can jump high.
be positive, think that you can! you can


Everyone fails in their respective phases of life. What differentiates the successfull people from everyone is being consistent.

To me, Failure came in the form of a lack of self-worth. I failed myself each day by not feeling worthy enough for anything. And this in turn affected my grades, relationships & career.


Just be positive and robust after you area unit on strange tides, rather than mourning on your failed attempt to stand still and challenge the life that also I’m prepared….take my take a look at ….fail Pine Tree State once more and once more and that I can rise from the bottom.

Please comment in the below that how did you handle your failure

I hope this answer is helped you!


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