Who We Are

What Is Mini Shortner?

Mini Shortner welcomes you. You can see here the information like  Health, Stock Market, and most important Stories and I probably won’t need to tell you what effect the story has in our lives. With the help of Stories, we understand many aspects of life including social norms—that’s how we learn what is right and what is wrong. I remember the famous saying that which was told by Abdul Kalam

“Learning gives creativity,
creativity leads to thinking ,
thinking provides knowledge,
knowledge makes you great.”

If you want to learn something new from here then you are welcome and if not, then please leave.

Who Is The Founder?

Hey, I am Samim Dewan, Passionate about Digital Marketing & Founder of well known technology blog TECH FOR U , Minishortner and also some technology related blogs. An engineer by profession and a Blogger by Passion. On this website, you will always find valuable content related to Stock Market ,Health Tips, and most important Stories problems. Our Team will always try its best to provide you with quality content. You can also connect with us on Facebook .

What Is The Purpose Of Creating a Mini Shortner Website?

The purpose of starting this blog is that when we search on YouTube about something related to YouTube or any social media platform we didn’t get the exact and correct answer or detailed answer. The purpose of creating a Mini Shortner is only to help people on the Internet who are studying information related to Stock Market, Health tips, and blogging tips and tricks. It’s not just a Page with some words written in it it’s a kinda feeling which millions of minds can feel.