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What Is The Main Message Of Ramayana? 4th One Is The Best!!



What Is The Main Message Of Ramayana?  One of our favorite Indian epics is the Ramayana. It’s one of the many reasons why I love India. The Ramayana has inspired some fantastic modern-day stories!

From Romeo and Juliet to Star Wars, there’s something for everyone. A villain kidnaps a beautiful princess in Star Wars. With the help of a small army and one particularly strong half-human sidekick, a young handsome hero rescues her. Isn’t this indicative of something?

“Ramayana, according to Goerge Lucas, was his inspiration.”

The Ramayana teaches us a few life lessons.

1. How It All Started

The fact that the Ramayana begins with something so fundamental that it becomes universal is one of its most exciting features.


How? Is There a Perfect Man? begins the epic Ramayana with a fundamental question.

“Is There a Perfect Man?” Valmiki, the saint who conceived Ramayana, asked Narad muni.

That’s when Narad mentioned our story’s main character, prince Ram! Who was as brave as he was kind, and whose warrior skills were only surpassed by his love.


Valmiki later saw two birds who were madly in love! and one of those birds was killed by a hunter, leaving the other in pain! How far will the bird go to take back his lover?

The Ramayana’s concept of separation has inspired many modern stories and is a repeating topic in numerous movies, books, and short stories!

What makes the Ramayana so great is that the central idea is so universal that it can be applied to any period!


 2. Karma and Dashrath

Dashrath is Ram’s father, and his story starts with a blunder! He kills Shravan with an arrow he shoots while hunting.

Sharavan was a sincere son. He was killed by Dashrath’s arrow while accompanying his blind parents.

Dashrath was cured of his desire to see his son before he died. Dashrath’s life was ruined by a single blunder.

One bad day can drive even the sanest person insane. However, his story teaches us about the importance of Karma.

Regardless of how great you are, Although Dashrath was a king, he could not escape his own mistakes and karma!

You will reap what you sow! Every action has a result!.

What Is The Main Message Of Ramayana? 4th One Is The Best!!


3. The Companions

Without his companions, Prince Ram’s canvas would be incomplete. Both Laxman and Sita have a reputation for self-sacrifice!

They were not sentenced to live in the woods! Despite this, they left their luxury behind and joined Prince Ram.

It was Laxman’s responsibility to keep them safe. He couldn’t afford to sleep, so he didn’t. So when Nidra, the goddess of sleep, requested that he sleep, he dispatched her to his palace wife Urmila. Urmila slept for 14 years straight for Laxman to be able to stay up.

Our story’s hero is Prince Ram. However, this does not mean that he accomplished all of the jobs. It also teaches us that if we put our “self” aside and commit our life to a higher purpose, we can all be heroes.

4. The Perfect Man

In a less-than-perfect world, Ram is The Perfect Man. The popular Ramayana story, which we teach our children, concludes with Prince Ram returning to Ayodhya. However, the true conclusion goes far deeper. Sita goes through Agnipariksha to prove her purity to the prince.

The people, however, want one more test from the “Praja.” Sita owes no explanation to the public since she is devoted to her husband.

However, now that prince Ram is a king, he is known as King Ram. And a ruler owes his people everything. The Ramayana poses an issue regarding treachery at this point.

It doesn’t matter how much or how deeply you love someone to reject them. It depends on the size of the problem you’re dealing with. Sita resolves to spend the rest of her life in the wilderness, away from her husband. Sita is taken away from the King once more, but this time for a social evil, not evil.

The imperfect world in which we live. Ram is the ideal gentleman. He has devoted his entire life to his mission. Which obligation, however, takes priority? What is his responsibility as a husband? or his responsibilities as a King? It is a question that the Ramayana poses.

What comes first, the job or your family?  Which is more important: your career or your family? There is no such thing as a correct answer! The solution is a personal one. And it’s a question that even God has trouble answering.

Ram: He’s the ideal man! An incarnation of God who strives to live a life that is free of mistakes. Who marches 3000 kilometers to battle Ravan with monkeys and returns victorious?

He dies longing for his true love. Ravan isn’t the story’s main villain, as it turns out. It’s all about expectations, and how can you overcome them? Because the query with which the Ramayana opens is its most beautiful aspect. Is there such a thing as a perfect man? In today’s world, how would he be?

And it’s not the solution to the question that makes this narrative worth 1000 retellings, but the hard path to get there.

That is how amazing Indian history is! And it is for this reason that I adore India!

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