Weight Loss: 8 Best Exercises for Weight Loss within a month

Weight Loss: It is prevention from an intimate disfiguring of body shape as well as the volume of the body. Weight loss is a method to reduce weight when the person’s body gains a higher weight. In India, almost everyone wants to be slim and fit though they do not alter their high weight even then they want to build up themselves and try to lose their extra weight. So, they may have good health, a better personality, a better body figure, and a limited body weight.



Weight Loss: 8 Best Exercises for Weight Loss within a month
Weight Loss: 8 Best Exercises for Weight Loss within a month


Almost everyone wants to lose their extra weight in a way why it’s not an actor or gym expert or even a doctor and a common man or a fat man, all of us want to lose weight. But now, most of us want to lose our weight in an ecological way, such as a natural way. So many of us even I believe any natural method than any medicine to lose our weight.

But why do all of us wants to lose weight and try to be at a limit of a specific weight count? What’s the reason. The reason is that losing weight not only causes fat burn or weight loss in fact it has a lot of other benefits. So, before telling you all the ways to lose weight know all the benefits of weight loss.


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Benefits Of Weight Loss:

  • It is health effective
  • It lowers the stress host
  • It lowers the chances of seasonal allergies
  • It will help to taste any food better
  • It will keep you away from the doctor
  • Lesser chances to cause any disease
  • You will gain a good personality
  • It gives you better sleep
  • It may be effective in more relaxation to you
  • It improves your memory
  • It will plummet your tolerance
  • It will lower the risk of cancer
  • It can make you a gym expert
  • You will not feel hungry before the time
  • It will improve your hair as well as your skin
  • It will help you sweat less
  • People would behave more nicely toward you
  • You will feel more energetic
  • It would help you keep your memory sharp
  • It will approximately increase your life span
  • It will keep your joints painless
  • It will keep your skin brighter
  • It will cost you less money on your food
  • It will keep your mood improved
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It lowers the risk of heart disease

And so on there are more uncounted benefits of weight loss, and most of them are fully dependent on your health. So there are so many benefits you can enjoy in your life. So we may expect that you would be eager to know how could these benefits be possible? Well, here we are going to tell you about natural physical activities to lose your weight in just one month, [we are not including dieting and fasting or quitting food], we are here going to state to you 8 top-rated exercises that are totally beneficial for you. So here we go.

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List of 8 Best Exercises for Weight Loss within a month

#1. Walking/Running/Jogging



Some of the common, popular, and effective exercises to lose weight are walking, running, and jogging. But many of you be thinking it has a limited benefit, but ‘no’, you are absolutely wrong because 70% of the above-mentioned benefits of losing weight depend upon running, walking, and jogging.

According to a certified institute, it is stated that a person of 70 kg burns approximately 167 Calories every 30 minutes while was asking with a constant speed of 6.4 kilometers per hour. And we May state another proof that according to a study that runs about 12 weeks states when women walk for 30 minutes about 3 to 4 times a week reduces body fat and also the waist circumference by 1.5% in total measurement. So one of the beginning exercises to lose weight in your routine should be this only as it is effective for our body And you can find its effect daily that your joints will be painless according to lazy days.


#2. Cycling

Weight Loss: Cycling
Weight Loss: Cycling


The next exercise toward your weight loss goal should be cycling and cycling especially in the morning. And if someone has any problem in cycling outdoor they can obviously join the gym and perform activities including cycling, it’s similar to normal cycling but you won’t be able to visit nature and enjoy while cycling. So according to the institute that provided their opinion of burning calories by walking, same states that a person of 79 kg can burn an amount of 260 calories every 30 minutes at a speed of 22 kilometers per hour. So one of the exercises to lose weight can comprise cycling.


#3. Swimming

Weight Loss: Swimming
Weight Loss: Swimming


Yes, you might be a bit hilarious to think, “how swimming can helpful in losing weight” but, we’re right and this can also help you lose weight. According to the same institute, it states that a man in the same mentioned time can lose around 300 to 400 calories while swimming, and calories burning is the way to lose weight thus it overcomes walking, running, and cycling. It not only loses your weight, in fact, but it also lowers the risk of disease and heart disorder. As well as it maintaining cholesterol in the body, So one exercise to be considered to lose weight is swimming so add this exercise to your list today.


#4. Plank Push-ups

Weight Loss: Plank Push-ups
Weight Loss: Plank Push-ups


Ok now we suddenly switched to the activity that needs some power, one among these is plank push-ups, so let us tell that this is a kind of push-up in which a person has to hold the plank for about 5 seconds to 10. seconds & then perform a normal push-up with the best of your contraction. So one of the exercises may be to lose weight, so try this one also.


#5. Weighted Skipping

Weighted Skipping
Weighted Skipping


OK, now this is also a variation of skipping but some different, as you see its name, it’s weight skipping so you may predict that it must be weight-related skipping, yes you’re right but how to perform? Don’t worry, just you have to wear an ankle weight, of any weight from 1 kg to further that you may be satisfied, now perform simple skipping that will help you jump with weight and burn a large amount of calorie.


#6. Squats



It is also a type of activity where you have to be in a strong position and then change it so that your hips would be lower in a standing position and hence you would Bow down a little and again wake up to the normal position, repeat this, so this one can be the best exercise to lose your weight under 1 month.


#7. Resistance Training

Resistance Training
Resistance Training


So this is one type of training as you may detect it via its name that to resist something and you have to resist a type of force that would be coming towards you by the help of any block or solid, you may say this is an activity but not less than adding it your exercise. You may think it would not affect a lot but not you are wrong, it can make your metabolism perform faster, and by doing this activity you have higher calorie-burning power and thus a large number of calories could be burned and you can lose weight easily.


#8. Yoga

Weight Loss - Yoga
Weight Loss – Yoga

Now we are finally at the last activity and this activity is the most common and more effective and we can say master performer to all of the above exercises as yoga can easily be compared to any other exercise but actually yoga is done either in meditation position or in a relaxed position or it can be voluntary movement action in accordance with your muscles. So this is the final main exercise that you must perform to lose weight. Following activities that come under the section of yoga can easily shape your body to slim and you can easily Loos your weight in one month.

  • Virabhadrasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Adho mukha svanasana
  • Sethu bandha sarvangasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Parivrtta utkatasana
  • Surya namaskara.


Wrapping up – Best Exercises for Weight Loss within a month

So above mentioned article is all about losing weight and also written its benefits according to the activities and these activities and exercises are 100% guaranteed to affect your weight under 1 month so make up yourself to perform all of the tasks above and start performing those exercises and touch your slimness target.

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