100% Effective ways to reduce Cholesterol

Written by SAMIM DEWAN MAY 04, 2022

Eating heart-healthy foods

Heart-healthy foods are foods that make up your health and maintain your body. Reduce intake of  Saturated foods (red meat and fatty dairy products) & Trans fat ( cakes, cookies, crackers etc). Eat food reach in Omega 3:  Some of the foods that are present in this category are Salmon, Herring, Walnuts, Flaxseeds.

Perform exercises

This is also a proved and recommended method or we may say a natural solution to lower the cholesterol level in the body. Not only exercise, it consists of every physical activity evert means any, doing your work, jumping, running, or doing anything physically, thus this also reduces the cholesterol in a natural way.

Quit alcohols and smoking

These two activities for a person may inject cholesterol in a huge quantity, so only one has to first try having a little drink or smoke and then try to even quit down, because if any person quits these types of habits so one of the methods to try to lower the cholesterol is to quit smoking.


The last tip for all is that to lose cholesterol you need to lose weight because fats are the main source of cholesterol thus start now onwards and try every method listed above because the best out of rest is the only natural way via which you can reduce cholesterol.

drugs or medicines

After trying those many natural ways if cholesterol remains the same, you may visit a doctor and according to his/her consultancy, you can use a variety of drugs or medicines to lower the cholesterol.