7 tips to increase headshots percentage in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Headshot Speed ​​Tips: Being the best free fire player is the first-ever choice of gamers who’d love free fire.

It is one of the best games based on the Battle royale theme on mobile platforms as well as on PC. It offers unique assets and experiences to the rest of others. Any free-fire player will reply to the question “what is the best experience in the free-fire?”, in a single word “headshot”.


This term is so defined that it is very useful in killing enemies in a short span of time and even if you are 75% damaged. All requirement to do this is your skill. Your skill to paste headshots to the enemies.



increase headshots percentage


So in this article, we are going to state 7 different tips that can be used to enhance the ability to paste headshots for any player. So, firstly have a look at seven different tips and then at the explanation.



How can you Increase headshot speed in Free Fire

  1. Try to perform a headshot with only one shot.
  2. Don’t hit enemies that are moving.
  3. Use of Weapons
  4. Sensitivity
  5. Using of Character Skills
  6. Taking fight in short-range
  7. Performing more and more practice

Increase headshot speed in Free Fire.


1. Try to headshot with only one shot

tips to increase headshots percentage in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire headshots vary in two types: a single headshot and the other one is a Drag Headshot. If you want to increase the frequency of headshots, you should always select headshots with a single tap, rather than drag and drop headshots. This will definitely increase your headshot speed. When you choose to drag to the head, most of the shots don’t connect properly and the bullets will hit the body. This way you won’t get a headshot kill, or the bullets might not hit the enemy’s heads. Hence, you should prefer single-shot headshots, meaning you should only kill them with one bulletin from the weapon.

You might be caring for only a few guns that deal a huge amount of damage. But if you could not learn a single tap headshot trick then all vein for your drag and drop skill. So you should, first of all, learn a single tap headshot forward with drag and drop.

Best guns in order to deal single tap headshot

  • Desert Eagle
  • SKS
  • Woodpecker
  • Ac80


2. Don’t hit enemies that are moving


tips to increase headshots percentage in Free Fire MAX


You should avoid trying to get headshots on enemies that are in any kind of movement. Because stability and game mechanics won’t help you headshot when the enemy is on the move. Instead, try headshots while the enemy is in some kind of rest position or moving in close combat, or having movement with the analogue. But it does not mean that someone is running towards you then you should stop attacking him, even this is the most proven method with an increase of 900% more chances to paste headshot.

Try to understand, if any enemy is coming towards you facing towards yours, then it is the best moment to kill him with a headshot, so follow these tips that don’t fire on running enemies horizontally, don’t fire on enemies that are at a higher position, always choose to fire if the enemy is straight to you and have a lower speed of movement with his analogue or almost zero movements.


3. Use of weapons

tips to increase headshots percentage in Free Fire MAX


The game free fire offers a variety of weapons choices that contain AR, SMG, LMG, bolt-action rifles, pistols, DMR, and many more. Among these, you have to choose the most compatible guns or guns combination to perform your headshot on the enemies. Choose a suitable weapon and land on the battleground and you can start up with a headshot machine. Choosing the most compatible weapon will let your confidence arise and you will get interest after that via our other tips, you can be a headshot king.

Best guns for single tap headshot

  • Desert Eagle
  • SKS
  • Woodpecker
  • Ac80
  • M1887
  • M1014
  • Mag7

Best guns for drag & drop headshot

  • XM8
  • AN94
  • AK47
  • AUG
  • M14-Y
  • M60


4. Sensitivity

tips to increase headshots percentage in Free Fire MAX

Sensitivity and aiming are critical factors in getting a kill in Free Fire. The sensitivity should be as per your preference, so do not mislead anyone’s suggestions, keep up your compatible sensitivity. Jump into the practice mode and try out different types of sensitivity in the game, which you can master in one sitting. Then you can perform well in the game. Practice more and more. So firstly to gain more accuracy while firing and pasting headshot, you should always prefer sensitivity.

In the case of smartphones, we mostly prefer the maximum sensitivity but those who use flagships phones with processing giving more than 600K score and Ram over 8 GB, should keep a point difference from maximum sensitivity in your general option, free look option as well as in 2X and 4X. Apart from this, there is no connection for sniper scope.

So you can try out every point of sensitivity in training mode and make a choice for any specific point, that provides you higher chances to paste headshots to the enemy.


5. Using of Character Skills


tips to increase headshots percentage in Free Fire MAX


One factor that is dependable on pasting headshots to enemies is using character skills that are inbuilt present in the free fire. You can choose a certain character or equip its skill with another character you prefer to choose. It will enhance your ability as well as you will put up your skill also which will result in an endangered headshot to the enemy.

The character you should equip to kill enemies with a headshot is Laura because this character is the only accuracy improver character in the game and by using this character’s skill you can gain accuracy while firing and especially when using a scope.


6. Take fight in short-range

tips to increase headshots percentage in Free Fire MAX


So the next tip for killing enemies by headshot is that you can fire with your gun at the enemy at a short range because the larger amount of distance while firing with the gun, the more recoil to your bullets which inversely affects damage, this is an inbuilt mechanism so try avoiding it. For marksman rifles, you should keep a maximum distance of 30 – 40 meters while firing for a better headshot and when using AR guns, you should keep a maximum distance of 15 – 20 meters for better results in headshots. And finally, when using shotguns and SMGs a, you should keep a distance of a maximum of 3 – 8 meters to paste the best headshot.

So, must follow this tip for better results for increasing the chances to paste headshots to enemies.


7. Perform more and more training

tips to increase headshots percentage in Free Fire MAX


All of the above-given tips are in vain till you go for training at least 1 hour daily. It will prepare you for your skills. If you follow all the 7 steps, we are guaranteeing you that nobody can stop you from achieving the destination for the grandmaster. So by this point, we want to say, do enough practice so all these tips can be beneficial to you.

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Wrapping Up

So hope you did understand our article and our tips. These tips are believed for the pro-level playing a BR game. Free fire is a different type of battle royale game as it provides us firing with the aim locked apart of being auto-aim while scoping in. So these 7 points or tips can enhance your level of playing free fire, so must try out and follow these 7 tips for accurate headshots. See you in our next article.

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