The story is about an elephant who can’t break the rope because he believes that he doesn’t have the power or potential to break that rope. So read this story so that you can relate this to real life.

A guy was passing through an elephant camp when he saw that the elephants were not held in cages or chained. Just a short length of rope connected to one of their legs kept them from escaping the camp.

When the man saw the elephants, he couldn’t understand why they didn’t just break the rope and leave the camp with their power. They could have easily done so, but they didn’t even attempt.

He inquired of a nearby trainer, curious as to why the elephants were just standing there, never attempting to flee. “We tie them with the same size rope when they’re very young and much smaller,” the instructor explained, “and it’s enough to hold them at that age.”


As they get older, they are taught that they will never be able to break free. They do not attempt to free themselves because they believe the rope will still hold them.”

The elephants were only still unable to break free and leave the camp because they had come to believe that it was impossible.

The moral of the story is to never lose confidence in your ability to achieve your goals, no matter how hard the world attempts to stop you. Believing in your ability to succeed is the first step toward achieving that goal.

We, too, have figurative ropes that prevent us from pursuing our temptations, passions, and goals, just as the elephant in the story does. We must remember that our dreams are a crucial part of who we are, and as a result, we must untie or break free from the rope that stops us from discovering ourselves and the world around us. Here are some of the things you must work to be rid of to achieve your goals.


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