Secrets Of Ancient Indian Knowledge. 3rd One Is Best!!

It is a guarantee. This Article is going to trigger one section of society. This is fake! this is useless! it makes no sense. some people are going to say this because. This is Indian’s true history! today I am going to talk about our Secrets Of Ancient Indian Knowledge.

Technology. Often we hear that things are invented in the West. and slowly, they make their way to India., mobile, smartphone, but there are some things. which India’s identified before thee rest of the world.Today. Let’s discuss some invention that was first mentioned in Indian texts! If you want to share these interesting things with others. please share this article with everyone.


Atomic bomb

Oppehiemer was an american scienteist . He is called the Father of the Atomic bomb. Nobody expected what they would see during the test. and when the first test from the manhattan project was conducted. bomb. some people were happy, some burst into tears. but everyone knew the world would not be the same again. He just quoted a verse from Bhagwat Gita. Now I become Death, the destroyer of worlds. but why@

what’s the connection between Bhagwat Gita and atomic power@ Mahabharat and Ramayan mention certain weapons. which one can get only after severe penance. not everyone can get these weapons only a few people gt to use them. In fact, to unlock them, one needs to read a mantra. which are top secret. today only 9 countries have atomic weapons. and to use these weapons. special codes have to be inserted. can you see some similarities the Puranas call such powerful weapons as brahmastra?

Ramayan and Mahabharata describe them like this. using the brahmastra. a light as bright as a thousand suns envelops the earth. rivers dry up. there are strong winds. even mountains crumble. Mohenjodara is one of the world’s most ancient civilizations. when the excavated stones of Mohenjo-Daro were examined it was found that the rocks’ composition can only and only be because of a big blast. a blast that seems beyond human abilities. it had to be supernatural. could this be the first brahmastra? these similarities between brahmastra and nuclear weapons are exciting and scary too. but all stories are not scary.


Viman or Airplanes

Airplanes are called vimaan in Hindi or Marathi this word was first used in the Ramayana. Thousands of years before modern airplanes began. Kuber, the god of prosperity. Raavan the demon king, were brothers. but Ravan defeated kuber. and captured all of his wealth along with golden Lanka. Ravan took control of kuber’s planes as well. that vimaan was pushpak vimaan .an airplanes that could travel as fast as our thoughts.

when Hanuman reaches Lanka in search of Sita. he found that pushpak vimaan in Ravana’s palace. and he was surprised. the pushpak vimaan was studded with gems. and its wings were bent. which would straighten out when powered on

“A scientist from California read Ramayana he made a 2d model from the design.” and tested it in a wind tunnel. and he believes that

YES? The design could fly!

inspired by this vimaan. Shivkar Talpade tried to make a modern plane. he tried this 8 years before the wright brothers just think, what if he would have been successful?

Artificial Wombs.

For many years, the common thinking that ha human can be born. only after growing in the mother’s womb. but today we know. Surrogacy, sperm donation, freezing eggs, these things are possible. similarly, an artificial womb is a type of medical device, where a fetus can be grown outside the mother’s womb. did you know?

This phenomenon was mentioned in the Mahabharata. Gandhari was given a boon. that her son would be a strong warrior. but when she heard that news of Youdhistir’s birth,gandhari got impatient. she attacks herself.

with an iron rod and she gave birth to a lifeless lump of flesh. when this news reaches Rishi Vyas. he divided the lump of mass into 100 pieces. and kept each lump in a mud pot.

that’s how the Kauravas were born, Adonijah which means birth without a womb is possible.

the radical ideas are a part of the Mahabharat. Dronacharaya, the Pandava Guru, also has a similar story. Rishi Bharadwaj kept his seed in a leaf cup. and that is how Dronacharaya was born. Hearing this makes me proud. when the whole world was stumbling in darkness our country was looking ahead.

forget about technologies that we are currently using. but his futuristic technology.


Time travel is also mentioned in our ancient texts. But the sad part is. while scientists from the west are taking our epics seriously. And doing experiments. based on the description, our Indians, with probably the same passion.

We are busy proving how our epics were lies and myths. the truth we need to go beyond what is fact and what is fiction to discover the great truth. and a greater realization of our greatest civilization. that is why this is our honest keep the conversation alive. so that we talk about these things.

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