Top 10 Best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes for 2022

Today we are going to discuss the mutual funds of Best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes.

The biggest Asset Management company AMC based on SBI mutual fund and that is based on AUM the Assets Under Management. SBIMF hosted the offers of Rs. 6, 48 lakh crore for the needed investment.

Well, we all know SBI is a government-based bank, and that’s why it has a strong lineage tracking back the comparison of the other banks. Well in between the 63% of the stake is held by the SBI and the rest of, Amundi India Holding.


Top 10 Best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes
Top 10 Best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes


SBI is the most trusted and one of the most respected banks in India. SBIMFL’s vision is to assure viable investment options in the country through the mutual fund. Well, there is a top 10 Mutual funds that will be beneficial to you as you can know all the functions of it. So, don’t wait for it let’s begin.



List of Top 10 Best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes for 2022

1. SBI Technology Opportunities Fund

SBI technology opportunities provide funds aimed at the investor with long-term-based opportunities. The current rate of the net asset value of the SBI technology opportunities fund is noted with a growth of more than Rs. 130.

Well, its return is trailing the different paths over a different time period. In 1st year its growth rate is 2.76. In the 2nd year 24.08 and in the 3rd year its growth rate is 23.06.


2. SBI Tax Advantage Fund III

This is another beneficial and absolutely wonderful option for the mutual fund investor. Well, the fund size is comparatively smaller at Rs. 31 crores of AUM it has an expense ratio of 2.6 %. The cargs fund respectively occurs at 30.04% and 23.05% in the 3rd year and 5th year.


3. SBI LT Advantage fund IV

It is a 10-year close-ended equity-linked saving scheme. It firmly helps you to not save the tax from investment upto Rs 1.5 lakhs. Its expense ratio is upto 2.62%.


4. SBI LT Advantage Fund III

This is another scheme provided by the AMC. Through the ELSS scheme. While the CAGR is upto 22.02% in 3 years and 16.02 $ in 5 years.


5. SBI Small Cap Fund

It has an AUM of Rs. 11, 57. Cr. With the expense ratio of 0.75%. Talking about the return, this fund has CARG in 3 years with 25.067 % and in 5 years 20.04%. This is based on a small cap fund. Well, we all know the small cap is related to the higher risk but in fact of this, it has a potential for a higher return.


6. SBI-Focused Equity Fund

That is an incredibly focused fund with an AUM Of Rs 24,706 Cr. And the expense ratio of 0.68%. In the 3rd year and 5th year, tge CARGs display to be 14.96% and 15.87%. Well, we all know the focused fund related to being limited sectors with the provision of limited stock.


7. SBI LT Advantage Fund II

This is another scheme for investors. That is offered by the SBI Mutual fund of ELSS. It has an AUM of Rs. 32 crores the expense ratio of the fund is 2.65 % in the 3rd year and at the beginning of the 5th year, its CARGs are 21.93% and 15.26%. With the respected ones.


8. SBI Contra Fund

This contra fund of SBI has an expense ratio of 1.28% with an AUM Of Rs 4,56.93 cr. , this contra fund is basically SBIMF. In the 3rd year and in the 5th year of CARGs it varies from 21.39 % to 14.23 %. Contra funds always bet against the market’s current trend and in invest the performance of depressed assets at that time.


9. SBI LT Advantage Fund- I

Another equity-linked saving scheme related to the SBIMF is that fund has an AUM OF 38.14 cr. With an expense ratio of 2.66%. The 3rd year of CAGRs of 17.85% and the 5th year is 14.24%.


10. SBI Consumption OPP. FUND.

This sector always focused on a theme. This is a sectoral fund, the AUM size of the fund is 933.16 cr. And its expense ratio is upto 1.34%. If we are talking about the return this fund has returned 17.58% in the 3rd year and 14.12% in the 5th year.



The mutual fund is based on various types with ELSS, focused fund, sectoral fund, etc. If you are hoping which mutual fund is best for your investment then the answer is the subject based for you. Well, you have to compare with the other peer’s investment of funds houses to the best choice it.

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