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After Water, if there is any beloved beverage in our country, it’s tea and coffee. from railway stations to airport lounges, footpaths to 5-star hotels,  from home to office, you can find tea and coffee drinkers wherever you go.

what do you think? what kind of tea or coffee drinkers are you? the office tea drinkers always looking for a cup of tea or coffee during break time. or the housewife who can’t be at peace without having tea at least 3 times a day. or the coffee drinker who desperately needs it to work late at night. maybe you’re one of them, or maybe you’re all of them. we have identified some misconceptions about tea and coffee .which are very important for you to know. Before you pick up your next cup of tea or coffee.



1. Tea And Coffee Give Us Energy:

The 1st benefit that we’re all told about is that tea and coffee give us they give us energy? let’s understand this with an example. let’s suppose we’re riding a horse. to reach faster, we force our horse to run faster. he keeps running and running until he gets exhausted. and as soon as tries to settle down and rest, we last it hard with a whip. he gets up and starts running again. we lash it again and it starts running faster.
what do we assume? we believe that every lash is restoring his strength again. but what’s really happening? with every lash, the body of the horse is getting weaker and weaker and weaker. just like that- every cup of tea or coffee is like a lash on your nervous system.

we get exhausted in our hom& office. we drink one cup of tea or coffee and think- “oh I’m full of energy again’ but is it real energy?

because it lasts for a bit. but after some hours, your energy dips again. and you need another cup again. so the 1st benefits turned out to be a big lie.
let’s see if the next benefit is true or not.


2. Tea And Coffee Are The Full Of Antioxidants:

Yes, it’s true! they do have antioxidants, no doubt about that. but did you know even if you get your poop tested in a lab today, you’ll find antioxidants in it too? so if anything has antioxidants, does it mean we just close our eyes and have it? no! just because something has antioxidants.doesn’t make it good for you. it has 1 good thing, but what about the other 99 things that are bad for you?

Tea and coffee both are highly acidic drinks. as soon as they get inside your body, the grease in your knees, the calcium in your bones, all the flexibility in your starts leaching them out.

we keep drinking tea for 30 years and say- Oh! I got arthritis My knees are paining! I have cervical spondylitis? back pain, osteoporosis, joint pain. will affect you when you drink it for so many years. every cup of tea and coffee is bringing you one day closer to osteoporosis. so this benefit is no benefit at all!


3. Tea And Coffee Make Stomach Clear:

maybe it turns out to be true. that it clears our stomach.
many people tell us- I can’t empty my bowels in the morning without tea or coffee.
how will I do without them? do you know who else faces the same problem?

cigarette smokers. they also claim that they can’t empty their bowels without a cigarette. so does that mean cigarettes are good? no! you shouldn’t need any tea or coffee to empty your bowels. Emptying your bowels naturally itself is one of the major signs of good health. let’s test the final benefit


4. Tea Is A Traditional Indian Drink:

Tea is a traditional Indian Drink. Do you know when the tea culture in our country even started? try making a guess. just 120 years ago. before 10900 Indians had never even grown tea nor did they ever drink it.100 years ago, our ancestors didn’t even know what tea was did you know the word chai is not even Hindi?it’s derived from the Mandarin word ‘Cha’ our ancestors never had any tea made from tea leaves.
they would have natural herbal drinks. we know it’s difficult for you to drop them.

But there is a way to make it easier for you and that is Herbal Tea. did you know you’re not looking for tea or coffee? you just need something warm to drink every morning. you want something to drink as you unwind and talk to your loved ones. imagine a drink that ‘ just as warm, just as tasty, but without any of these problems. wouldn’t you want to switch? Herbal Tea only takes 5 min to make. you don’t need to get anything from the market to make it you’ll find all the ingredients you need in your kitchen.

How do you make it? we will make a special article on this if you share this article with your family and friends and don’t forget to check out our new interesting topics.


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