Omicron variant explained || Has India been hit by the third wave of Corona Virus?


Omicron variant explained || Has India been hit by the third wave of Corona Virus?

A new Covid- 19 Variant omicron is spreading in Africa. This virus has more than 50 mutations. As of now, we don’t have any idea. How effective are vaccines will be on this variant?

WHO has declared it a variant of concern. The world is at risk from this new variant

Why is the WHO scared?  There are 3 reasons

1. Number of mutations
2. type of mutation
3. speed of its spread

This is the fastest spreading covid -19 variant till date. After this news came out. many countries banned all flights coming from Africa.

The stock markets also witnessed heavy selling. But is this variant so dangerous? can our vaccines stop this variant? is there a silver lining? some positive news in this?

this article is important for all of us because how we behave in the next couple of days will impact whether we have a third wave or not. so please,

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How does a virus Mutate?

Let’s understand what mutations are and what difference do these mutations make. The cells that are at the boundaries of our lungs have structures that look like this.


Omicron variant explained || Has India been hit by the third wave of Corona Virus?

They are called ACE2 receptors. a covid-19 virus has these raised spikes. which are called spike proteins. when these spike proteins connect with ACE2 receptors.

The infection spread into our lungs. in very very simple terms. this is like a lock and key mechanism.

there are minute changes. but the more effectively these changes can connect. the more infectious the virus. our vaccines are meant to target these spike proteins. so that they detect COVID-19 particular spike protein and kill the virus before they connect to ACE2 receptors. But in the omicron variant. the spike protein has 30 mutations or 30 changes.

When we take any vaccine. The vaccines give a signal to the body to create a type of antibody. these antibodies connect to the spike protein and stop them from entering our healthy cells. but because of the high number of mutations. things get a little complicated. because, till now, we don’t know.if the old antibodies will work on this new variant.


How Dangerous Is The Omicron Variant?

The short answer, we don’t know yet. long answer it is comoplicated.100 confirmed cases in South Africa. only 1 is on a ventilator. only time will tell how deadly this virus is. but the problem is as compared to the other variants, symptoms for this.

a variant is a little different oxygen saturation levels do not fall. a person does not lose the sense of smell or taste. but yes, fatigue is a symptom of this new variant because these symptoms are different from other variants.

You need to be cautious in public areas. now, how dangerous will this variant be?it depends on whether our vaccines work or not.

Research on this is ongoing.

Best case. vaccines provide us protection again omicron and only some people have a serious infection.

worst case none of the vaccines works against the new variant and 2022 is similar to 2020 and 2021
so let us hope for the best. and be prepared for the worst. but on the other hand. omicron news can be a blessing in disguise. omicron. Delta variant was the most dangerous variant till now.

The Delta variant is causing 99% of the cases in India & abroad the delta variant can be deadly. but if the coronavirus mutates. and the omicron variant is here to stay and it finishes the delta variant. then a dangerous variant will disappear from the world.

What is the impact of this variation on INDIA?

As of now, no omicron variant cases have been detected. but the news from 29NOV a traveler returning from south Africa tested positive for covid. BMC has started contacting the 466 passengers on his flight. so,


What Can We Do?

Firstly, don’t panic. but don’t take it lightly more infectious does not mean more deadly. we should remember it before we panic. we have to be careful for the next 14 days. Passengers skipped mandatory quarantine by bribing the airport officials .scams like this can be very dangerous now. at an individual level, the next 15 days are crucial. because research on this variant has just begun. that means as the research into this continues. scientists will uncover more facts about this will the vaccines work or not?

how dangerous is this new variant? these are facts we will know with passing time. INDIA” vaccination speeds are record-breaking for sure.

but many people are missing their 2nd does. as a society, we will collectively have to make sure that the people who come in contact with us take both their vacancies shots on time. we can help them book their slot.

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are slowly taking things very lightly. the virus has become a part of our life now. but that does not mean we can’t take things for granted. early celebrations can be deadly. we know ear your masks. get vaccinated. and follow the rules. because stopping you from being a COVIDIOT -covid idiot makes a difference to me!

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