10 amazing Minecraft house designs you can use for your next building (2022)

Minecraft House Designs Ideas: Minecraft is among the most played games of all time. It’s also an ideal tool for budding architects.

In Minecraft, you can use an endless supply of options to design your own gaming experience. Although building a house in real life involves costly tools and labor expenses, Minecraft lets you do it all by yourself! This is why we’ve collected some amazing Minecraft houses that will assist you in your next construction. We collect some innovative ideas on how to make houses in Minecraft. Here we list 10 amazing Minecraft house designs you can use for your next building.



1. Arts and Crafts Style


Arts and Crafts Style
Arts and Crafts Style


The style is distinguished by its simpleness, its craftsmanship and genuine materials. The style associated with The Arts and Crafts movement was intended to convey a sense of peace and tranquility.

Other aspects that are characteristic of this style include:

  • Simple forms that are based on regional customs
  • Simple decor
  • Natural materials, such as stone or wood (but they are not all the time)

The Arts and Crafts style was created in the nineteenth century, by designers who wished to design beautiful and useful items that were created by hand. It was a movement that included architects like Charles Eastlake, furniture makers like Gustav Stickley, and artists such as William Morris.


2. Old Stone House

Old Stone House
Old Stone House


Another Minecraft house design is quite simple It’s a tiny home that has a stone floor, roof, a fireplace made of stone and a stone wall. The window and door are also constructed of blocks that resemble wood planks.

The design is based on the same materials as the previous design, however, this one is more window-filled (and consequently greater light) than the predecessor.

It also has bigger windows and a door, which makes it more comfortable. The front of the house is comprised of two stone slabs on both sides of the door, as well as a brick block on top of it.

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3. Midcentury Modern Home

Midcentury Modern Home
Midcentury Modern Home


The midcentury modern house is an aesthetic that was popular between the years 1950 and 1960. These houses typically feature sleek straight lines, window frames that were square and neutral shades like gray or white. They can also be low-slung or flat-roofed and have little ornamentation (such as crown molding).

You can build this kind of home in Minecraft by making use of plenty of stone bricks to make your walls as well as roofing materials to give your home a modern appearance. It is also possible to use slabs as stairs instead for a more simple look.

When choosing furniture pieces for your home Try to keep the furniture basic so that they will blend into the rest of the design. Choose light-colored textures such as wool blocks or wood planks to create flooring and walls instead of bricks made of stone as they let the sun shine through your home, without affecting its style!


4. Neo-Classical Plantation Home

The Neo-Classical style is an update of classical architecture from ancient Greece as well as Rome. It became popular in the U.S. during the 18th century and was commonly referred to as the “Federal” style or “Greek Revival.”

The buildings are generally geometrically symmetrical with pilasters and columns on the opposite sides of each building.

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5. Gothic Castle

Gothic castles were constructed during the middle ages and are among the most famous structures in use today. They were built to defend themselves from invaders who were threatening Europe for many centuries. To combat these dangers, Gothic architects came up with a unique style intended to guard its inhabitants from invaders.

Gothic architecture is distinguished by arches that are pointed and steep roofs that have cross gables that protrude at 45 degrees from the castle’s walls on every side of the castle. These characteristics in defending against attackers as they allow the defense to shoot arrows into areas they wouldn’t otherwise be capable of reaching. Many medieval cathedrals are also built in this type of architecture because they required it more than houses do!

There are a variety of Gothic-style castles in Europe However, the majority fall into two types one of which is the early English and late French (French). The latter type is renowned for having four towers on each wall instead of only one per corner, as earlier English ones. Both kinds usually have two moats along their perimeters, but they are the only ones that include drawbridges that connect them in regular intervals along their length, making the castles more secure since it is impossible to sneak behind an insider without being identified immediately when crossing an individual one (i>.e. when someone is approaching from outside).


6. Georgian-Style Townhouse

Georgian homes are distinguished by their balance and symmetry. They’re typically two stories high and feature an aesthetically pleasing front façade. The roof is typically gabled or hipped and has small windows and dormers. This design is great for those looking to build a stylish home that is also cozy and inviting.


7. Victorian Mansion

Victorian homes are distinguished by their intricate decor, especially for the external. Victorian homes come in many styles, but all share the same symmetry and shape. Victorian homes are usually big, with lots of spaces and large ceilings. They usually mix various styles of architecture, mixing elements from medieval castles and classic arches and columns to create an eclectic style that is now synonymous with the “Victorian” style today.

It’s a Victorian mansion is among the most famous instances of this type of architecture in Minecraft — so if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd of squatter homes, then this is the style you’re seeking!

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8. Contemporary Colonial Home

The style of the house is a modernized version of the colonial style home, with a few contemporary touches. Modern colonial homes feature high ceilings and lots of windows that let in sunlight. They also have roofs that are sloped as well as shutters for windows along with a front porch, and occasionally dormers (windows that extend out through the roof).

The modern colonial house is constructed from brick or wood, but typically, it’s stucco over concrete blocks. The style of the house is maybe two or three stories tall. If you’re planning to build your own there are lots of designs available online for absolutely no cost!


9. Modernist Country Home

If you’re seeking a home design that is minimalist, but elegant and elegant, then Modernist Country Home is the perfect choice for you. This amazing Minecraft house style has an expansive front porch as well as an expansive living space with a fireplace. It also comes with three bedrooms as well as two bathrooms, so it’s great for families and couples with children.

Modern design and spacious design, this home would be equally comfortable in both rural and urban regions of Minecraftia.


10. Lakeside Cabin

Minecraft houses are an excellent opportunity to showcase your imagination and building abilities, but it can be difficult to design when you aren’t sure how to begin. The best place to begin is to look at the most popular designs of Minecraft houses that players have made over time. Here are 10 amazing examples!



  • Minecraft is among the most played games ever made and it’s no wonder that players spend hours making houses with it.
  • The game provides a range of tools to assist you to design your home from basic ones to more complex designs.
  • If you take these homes as a model You can build something truly remarkable for your next building project!



The Minecraft homes we’ve shown here are great starting points to build your own home. Don’t end there! If you’re looking for even some more ideas, look through our other articles about interesting Minecraft house ideas. If everything else fails? You can create whatever you like because you don’t know what may prove to be the most effective option!

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