Is Darwin Theory Of Evolution Real? Indian History Is Great!!


Is Darwin Theory Of Evolution Real? Indian History Is Great!!


Is Darwin Theory Of Evolution Real?  Since childhood, we teach that we come from monkeys. I don’t know whether it’s true or not but, I will show you some facts or theories so that you can understand a little bit of a big world.

For the moment, let’s ignore the evolution part and focus on what scientists mean by the word theory.

To a layman, a theory may well be a guess or a hunch, that is nearer to what an individual suggests that once he says hypothesis. In science, a theory is way stronger than simply a guess.

A theory could be a well-tested, well-supported, logically consistent rationalization for a broad set of noticeable phenomena. Scientists take a look at theories by mistreatment the theories to create predictions (or retrodictions), and so perceptive whether or not the predictions are correct. A theory becomes stronger whenever it passes a take a look at.

A theory will ne’er be evidenced. The proof isn’t a word that scientists use… a minimum of, not formally. A theory will be disproved, though. one observation or experiment that doesn’t jibe with the predictions created by the speculation is enough to send scientists back to the planning stage, wherever they will tweak the speculation or discard it entirely in favor of a much better theory. One very last thing that must be said: A theory ne’er becomes a truth. Theories are supported by facts. A theory is way stronger and additional helpful than a truth.

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According To Indian History:

We’ve all heard about Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnations theory. What most of us miss is the ‘Dashavatar’ theory’s description of the evolution of living forms on Earth. The Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu are one of the finest illustrations of development. The Rig Veda, the earliest text is known to humankind, specifies this ‘Avatar’ concept.

This concept is closely related to Charles Darwin’s Darwinian theory of evolution. A widely accepted idea in western educational systems. And I also read this Darwinian theory in class 10th. Mam said that we come from monkeys and I said that to my friend that not everyone comes from monkeys. some people are coming from Bear.:) he was very bulky.

This demonstrates that Indian Rishis, like modern-day scientists, were aware of the theory of biological evolution long before Charles Darwin introduced it to the world. And there is no new thing for Indian because we all know that previously but I don’t know where this western education come from and corrupted our minds.

Matsya Avatar

Organisms began their existence in the sea. There were only aquatic creatures that lived in the water.
The ‘Matsya’ Avatar, or the shape of a fish, is disclosed in the Rig Veda.

Kurma Avatar

Then some species could live both on land and in the water. This stage of development is represented by the ‘Kurma’ avatar, which is a huge turtle. The protective tendency of animals is also depicted in this illustration.

Varaha Avatar

Then there were the terrestrial animals. Four-legged creatures were wandering the planet at first. The ‘Varaha’ avatar, a wild boar, reveals this stage of development.

Narasimha Avatar

This was followed by a half-human, half-animal hybrid. They were uncivilized, gruff, and vulgar, yet they had humanitarian principles.
The ‘Narasimha’ avatar in the Rig Veda depicts this.

Vamana Avatar

Then came the overflowing humans. Initially, they were dwarfs. Then they grew up to be full-grown men. This level is represented by the dwarf ‘Vamana’ avatar.

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Parashurama Avatar

Then there were the fully matured people. Humans were harsh at first, resorting to violence against all creatures. They didn’t have any advanced weaponry. This is represented by the avatar ‘Parashurama.’ There was no distinction established between males, females, or children at this time. Everyone was simply a regular person. Humans’ tribal mindset was portrayed by this. This was before the emergence of organized civilizations. According to the Rig Veda, this incarnation is eternal and still resides on Earth, namely in a distant portion of India. Human tribal culture will continue to exist, no matter how civilized they become.

Ram Avatar

The human then learned values, ethics, and beliefs, among other things. Humans began to live in groups, civilizations, and to establish their kingdoms, government systems, and societal hierarchies. They gradually came to symbolize heroism and leadership. Men began to defend women, who are usually physically inferior. Humans grew less aggressive, more mature, peaceful, and polite as their living styles and habits evolved. Rituals and customs were established by humans. The human began to form relationships with other people, such as those with his or her offspring (son/daughter), spouse, parent, brother, student, mentor, and so on.

The mention of the ‘Rama’ avatar, a ruler who governed the kingdom of Ayodhya, explains this in the Rig Veda.

Krishna Avatar

The human becomes becoming materialistic, yet nevertheless has a strong spiritual foundation. Humans start to learn how to be happy, love and have fun while simultaneously preaching to other humans about how to live properly. Humans progressively begin to believe in evil. They give in to bad traits like greed, frustration, rage, hatred, desire, and cunningness to unintentionally harm other people. There is an abuse of power, politics, favoritism, and so on. As sex partnerships evolve, humans begin to have sexual and romantic relationships with several people of the opposite sex. As a result, numerous people compete for the affection of a single person.

This is explained in the Rig Veda by the appearance of the ‘Krishna’ Avatar, a lively kid raised in a humble family who grows up to become the ruler of a fledgling country. He then goes on to form alliances with other kingdoms’ kings. He ends up being a mentor, a negotiator, and a guardian of peace, positive ideals, and beliefs on the planet.

Kalki Avatar

Finally, we must learn to demolish what we have made. The Rig Veda mentions this in the form of the ‘Kalki’ avatar. So friends this is our Indian history which tells us about where we come from. There is previously mentioned about evolution theory in Indian text. Does Charles darwin create the theory of evolution? Please Comment If You Think I am Wrong Or Right Let’s Debate On This And if you gain knowledge from this article then share this article with your family and friends. And if you want to gain more knowledge then click this link below:


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