Insta Gamer’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Monthly Earnings, Best Videos & more.


Insta Gamer’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Monthly Earnings, Best Videos & more.

Free Fire is one of the most popular games all over the world. So, first of all, free fire has made its existence in each and every house in the country. Unlike the name ‘Fire’ its glory is flourishing. It has now become an addiction that cannot get rid of any nicotine Gum or any medicine.


Insta Gamer’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Monthly Earnings, Best Videos
Insta Gamer’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Monthly Earnings, Best Videos

# That is the reason it has given opportunities to new content creators to make content in their home language and earn money.

One from The List Is Insta Gamer


Insta Gamer Photo
Insta Gamer Photo

Insta Gamer is well known & one of the leading Malayali Youtuber Who has been uploading related content for two years.

You won’t believe in a short period of time he has achieved a milestone that is the number of subscribers nearly 1.52 Million people are connected to him on YouTube. If you talk about his views count, then the stats say that over 167 million views are on his YouTube channel which is also a huge number.

In just one month he added more than 50,000 New Subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Insta Gamer Free Fire ID and other details

  • Insta Gamer’s Free fire UID is 197218153.
  • Insta Gamer has been a part of more than 15k squad games out of which he somehow managed to turn in more than 3150 wins approx. 21% games he won. His K/D ratio is 3.13

Insta Gamer

  • The record of Duo & solo also favors his court. From Both the data it is found that his win percent remains close to 10% in both formats with a total of kills of 5000 and a K/D ratio of 2.1 approx.
  • When we talk about his ranking in squad matches, Insta Gamer has to hold First place approx. 200 times this Season.
  • But he has entered more than 150 ranked solo games but is yet to secure a win. His K/D ratio in solo is 0.01
  • But these states can be changed at any time.

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Insta Gamer’s Earnings

Insta Gamer’s most of its earnings are rooted through YouTube.

And acc. To recent research, his monthly earnings from his main YouTube channel are between $2.5k to $40k which means nearly 21Lakhs off rupees a month. And his yearly income is somewhere between $30k to $470k which means approx. 2.80 crore on average. However, these stats are not accurate but are very approx. to the real one.

Insta Gamer

These earnings are from two main YouTube channels run by him.

  1. INSTA GAMER – Regular Content
  2. INSTA GAMER Live – Free Fire Live Streaming

While the other two channels are INSTA Gaming and INSTA GAMER HIGHLIGHTS. But he has not posted any content on these channels for a few months.

Most Famous Video

Insta gamer’s one of the best and most Popular videos published in November 2019. That video was made on the uses of Gloo Wall within THE GAME. And nearly a 1.3million Views were seen there.


I think if you are a Free Fire buddy then you must visit his channel once & also search his Free Fire profile, for another experience in Gaming.


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