How to watch IPL 2022 Live in Mobile for Free


IPL 2022 – watch live for free

Hello viewers, welcome to our new post. Today we are going to elaborate on certain methods that may be useful to you to watch the full league of IPL 2022 via your smartphone only. Ipl 2022 is the most awaited IPL series because it will be placed at its own duration for the first time after the pandemic. Thus it has its own valuation among IPL fans whether they are Indians or non-Indians.

Ipl 2022 is once more so interesting because this time two new states had joined IPL. They include Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. So the IPL 2022 is unique itself. But today we are here to explain some of the methods to watch IPL on your mobile and for free.


IPL 2021 Live How to watch IPL for free
IPL 2021 Live How to watch IPL for free

Guys, first of all, you should note that using pirated sites and apps are strictly prohibited and you too should not promote those as a result we too will not include any of the pirated method or any illegal method to watch IPL 2022.


Methods for watching IPL 2022 for free

Airtel prepaid

Guys, many of you might be using the network via Airtel and should be aware of all plans used to recharge on any sim. Some of its plans include recharge over Disney plus Hotstar subscription. So you can easily access the Live IPL through Disney plus Hotstar which is termed as the official platform to host IPL. You can gain its subscription by using Airtel s specific plans. These plans are listed below.

499 2GB/DAY 1 year
599 3GB/DAY 1 year
699 3GB/DAY 1 year


Jio prepaid

Jio prepaid service is running at the largest scale, and it provides numerous recharge plans including cricket plans. Also, it has several plans benefits and if you recharge your Jio sim via specific Jio plans, you get access to a Hotstar subscription for 1 year. The plans are below.

499 2GB/DAY FOR 28 DAY 1 year
555 55GB FOR 55 DAY 1 year1
601 3GB/DAY FOR 28 DAY 1 year
659 1.5GB/DAY FOR 56 DAY 1 year
799 GB/DAY FOR 56 DAY 1 year
1066 2GB/DAY FOR 365 DAY 1 year
2999 2.5GB/DAY FOR 365 DAY 1 year
3199 2GB/DAY FOR 365 DAYS 1 year
4199 3GB/DAY FOR 365 DAYS 1 year


Vi recharge plans

Similar to Jio prepaid plans and Airtel premium plans VI, (Vodafone Idea) also provides several plans that are estimated at the value providing you data benefits and Disney plus Hotstar subscription too. You can afford to watch the IPL 2022 via the plans listed below.

499 2GB/DAY FOR 28 DAYS 1 year
601 3GB/DAY+16GB FOR 28 DAYS 1 year
901 3GB/DAY+48GB FOR 70 DAY 1 year
1066 2GB/DAY FOR 84 DAY 1 year
3099 3GB/DAY FOR 365 DAYS 1 year


The above methods were related to any recharge pack for certain telecom companies. You might be thinking they are paid, but besides that think for your aside benefits, you would get data benefits for the specified period, and moreover, you get access to IPL from its parent hosting and not only till the end of IPL but the whole year. It’s recommended to choose your preferred network and make any of the cricket plans recharge on your sim card to access watching IPL 2022 for free.

Other than these methods, some are listed below, you can have a look here also.


Tata play

This is the newer name of Tata sky, which is one of the leading Telecasting providers. Here you can watch IPL by just downloading its application from Play Store. But it would only work if you are the current subscriber of Tata play basic pack with cricket pack. You can sign in on Tata play app via the same mobile number that is registered to your Tata play set-top box.


Jio tv

Jio tv is the official and first-ever high-rated television show hoster on a cell phone. Here you can access any television channel and just can be called portable television. It is highly used by Indians and they love it. They usually use Jio tv to watch IPL every season as Jio and Hotstar have partnered and you can see your favorite sports channel that hosts IPL.


Wrapping Up

So, guys, we had explained 5 different ways of watching IPL in the session of 2022. Again we are repeating that please do not use pirated ways to watch IPL, because there are so many rules for your abandon. Stay tuned with us for interesting posts.


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