Hair Care Tips: Types of Hair and Top 10 Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips: Imagine for a second our Indian map without Jammu and Kashmir, imagine a spray without a cap, imagine a house without a roof, what will you feel, let me tell you all that if you imagine these all things, though it would be funny but true that everything looks beautiful by its top end and similarly the human hair depends on the whole body look.

You might have guessed that in this article you would gain something about hair, so let’s begin, our hair is the most attractive part of our body anybody can be recognized by his/her hair and the type of the hair.

Most of us think the better the hairstyle the better our look and it’s true. All about your look is your hairstyle. So many of us and I think approximately every one of us wants to look nice and have beautiful hair. This is only possible if you care about your hair, if you are able to maintain your hair, then only you are able to persuade your look, so to do this you need to go through our article as this one is going to be a too interesting topic and you must know about human hair and ways to care it.

In this article, we will tell you different ways to care for your hair but first of all, understand human hair i.e. your hair.

This beautiful thing is the natural crown of our body. This is actually a filament that is filled with protein which is called keratin and the base region from where it generates is follicles that are found in the dermis. So furthermore you can go for a search for a detailed explanation of hair because in this article we will tell you types of hair and the most impressive and working hair care tips.


Types of Hair


Types of Hair


Straight hair: This kind of hair is too common and almost 8 out of 10 have straight hair which is the normal hair, you may see daily around you. But how will you know that any particular hair is straight here?

So if the hair is not curly, coily, or abnormal then you may easily know that the hair is straight here. You can see the above image of straight hair. This kind of hair is usually flat and you can see it in anyone’s head.


Wavy hair


Wavy hair: as the name defines this type, type wavy hair is a kind of hair that is wavy shaped in 3 different types 2a, 2b, and 2c. In 2a you will have 2 inches of straight hair from the roots and further, the hair goes wavy.

In 2b you have similar hair as 2a but in this type, the hair gets shaped of the letter ‘S’ in 2c you will have a complete ‘S-shaped hair but in this type, you have more defined hair waves.

Curly hair


Curly hair: this kind of hair contains waves but it gets looped as shown in the picture above. It also has 3 types 3a, 3b, 3c. In 3a you will have a little curl and you have loose curls, the type 3b is considered the best curly hair as it is most demanded and performed artificially.

This kind of hair contains perfect ringlets that look beautiful. Type 3c is a type in which you have bouncy curls and the hair seems to jump on its own.


Coily hair

Coily hair: This type of hair needs more management than other types of hair as in this type the hair crosses between the ‘s’ type and ‘z’ type which are tight and frizzy. This also has 3 types, 4a, 4b, and 4c.In 4a the hair is very wiry and this is one of the thin types of hair as well as delicate.

In the 4b type the hair is in a pattern like ‘z’ can this one is thicker than the type 4a. 4c hair type is super coily and frizzed and highly similar to the letter ‘z’ and seems like a natural afro.

So, hope you may be able to understand all types of hair now let’s go further and we will tell you 10 proven ways to take care of your hair.

Top 10 best hair care tips


Top 10 best hair care tips


  1. If you’re having problems like hair fall or dandruff, go to the doctor, take advice then after the doctor’s advice use the advised shampoo, conditioner, or oil and maintain your hair
  2. The most important thing that affects your hair is your diet so have a proper and healthy diet
  3. Neglect hairstyles like dreadlocks or braiding which are a type of tight hairstyles, these look nice but these can weaken your hair so avoid these hairstyles
  4. Neglect using excessive hair products
  5. Comb properly so that your hair would not wipe out from the root and your hair may be protected from hair fall.
  6. Have a perfect treatment for your hair by performing a regular usage of conditioner so that your hair may dry less and can be strengthened
  7. Avoid swimming in a swimming pool as chlorine used in a swimming pool can lessen the capacity of anchoring your hair.
  8. Neglect excessive heat to your hair by not using a hairdryer too much or not getting into any hotter places
  9. Have a regular trimming of your hair as trimming can lessen the chance to interact with hair when visible to the eye or sensation during work, so try to trim the hair in such a portion that you can leave your hair properly the whole day
  10. Meet up with your hairdresser or advise regularly as he/she would tell you to perform instant action to perform to protect your hair over time

Wrapping up

So we hope in this article you would be able to understand what are types of hair and how can you care for your hair and look smarter are more beautiful by following the beauty tips in the article for your hair.


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