Google’s Revealed top searches in 2021

Google India reveals what Indians searched for the most throughout the year across categories such as entertainment, news, sports, etc for the Year in Search 2021.


Google's Revealed top searches in 2021
Google’s Revealed top searches in 2021


Here we list the break-up of the top 10 searches by Indians across all categories according to Google.

1. Indian Premier League (IPL)
2. CoWIN
3. ICC T20 World Cup
4. Euro Cup
5. Tokyo Olympics
6. COVID vaccine
7. Free Fire redeem code
8. Copa America
9. Neeraj Chopra
10. Aryan Khan

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Google’s top searches for places or services under “Near me” in India on the year 2021 are

1. COVID vaccine near me
2. COVID test near me
3. Food delivery near me
4. Oxygen cylinder near me
5. Covid hospital near me
6. Tiffin service near me
7. CT scan near me
8. Takeout restaurants near me
9. Fastag near me
10. Driving school near me

List of Google’s top searches through all of 2021 on “How to” featured are given below:

How to help others

  1. How to help Afghan refugees
  2. How to help Texas
  3. How to help India COVID
  4. How to help toddler with cough
  5. How to help foster kids

How to be

  1. How to be eligible for stimulus check
  2. How to be more attractive
  3. How to be happy alone
  4. How to be a baddie
  5. How to be a good boyfriend

How to style

  1. How to style straight leg jeans
  2. How to style a wolf haircut
  3. How to style a corset
  4. How to style rings
  5. How to style a sweater vest

Top Recipe Searches Of 2021

Here is the complete list of top searches food bloggers:

  1. TikTok pasta
  2. Bacon jam
  3. Birria tacos
  4. Crockpot chicken
  5. Hamantaschen
  6. Squid Game cookie
  7. Baked oats
  8. Cicada
  9. Gigi Hadid pasta
  10. Smashed potatoes

The “What is” category featured a “mixed bag” collection of searches varying from “What is Squid Game” to “What is happening in Afghanistan”.

1. What is black fungus
2. What is the factorial of hundred
3. What is Taliban
4. What is happening in Afghanistan
5. What is remdesivir
6. What is the square root of 4
7. What is steroid
8. What is toolkit
9. What is Squid Game
10. What is delta plus variant


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Wrapping Up- Google’s Revealed top searches in 2021

Finally, we hope this article can help you to explore Google’s top searches in 2021. If you really think this article helps you then don’t forget to appreciate our efforts in the comments below.

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