Top 10 Fastest Free Fire Players In the World 2022

Fastest Free Fire Players: Garena It’s known as Free Fire in any case. It is an Android and iOS based battle royale game developed by the 111dots Studio and published by the most famous publisher Garena. It became the world’s most downloaded game in 2019. Free Fire has global profits of more than $1 billion USD, according to November 2019 analytics.



Top Fastest best Free Fire Players In the World

1) TSG Jash

2) Sudip Sarkar

3) SK Sabir

4) Raistar

5) Sultan Proslo

6) TE Pahadi

7) Born 2 Kill

8) Vincenzo

9) AjjuBhai94

10) Nobru

1. TSG Jash

Jash Dhoka, an Indian Free Fire player, is 20 years old. He belongs to the Indian Free Fire Organization Two Side Gamers. He is always been one of the top players in India’s Free Fire history. He has maintained a balanced K/D rate of 3.12.


2. Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is India’s most quick Free Fire player. Sudip Sarkar is well-known for his close-range, quickness, and strategic skills, which earned him a palm.

Gyan Gaming, his YouTube channel, has over 2 million subscribers, and he streams Free Fire gaming sessions on it.


3. SK Sabir

SK SABIR is another outstanding Indian player. He is a member of the BOSS get-together society and rules in larger battles. In Season 10, he had a significant level in Free Fire, with 11703 position centers. His primary duty is to rule a match, not to kill his opponents. SK SABIR is yet another incredible Indian player. He dominates in larger battles. He was the best player in Free Fire when he amassed a massive 11703 position centers in Season 10. Rather than killing his opponents, his primary goal is to win the match.


4. Raistar

Raistar, an Indian, is widely regarded as the game’s fastest player. Because of his astounding rate, some people think he’s a software engineer. Nobody knows when he’ll assassinate you from afar. Many people fear him, even in a one-on-one battle, because of his quick turn of events and careful point. Raistar has a 63 percent headshot speed. Others see him primarily for his close fight. He has won 2,513 of the 13,884 team matches he has participated in, for a win percentage of 18.09 percent.

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5. Sultan Proslo

Dyland Maximus Zidane, also known as Sultan Proslo, is the World’s Best Free Fire Player, with the Free Fire ID 16207002. Ruler Proslo, the World’s Best Free Fire Player, has completed 99 games in pair mode. Sultan Proslo participates in Free Fire on the Indonesian server. His unique proof point total is 25089, and he is in the Heroic Tier. He is an NESC-IND member and widely known as the best Free Fire player in the world.


6. TE Pahadi

Lokesh Karakoti, an Indian free fire and free fire max player is one of the best on the planet. He also competes for the Indian esports organization Team Elite.

He plays the role of a firearm admirably. He’s incredibly accurate with his weapon, which comes in handy as TE Killer surges the enemies. TE-Killer and TE-Pahadi provide destructive assistance.


7. Born 2 Kill

B2K is a well-known Free Fire player. His birth name is Moez Mansouri. He is a native of Tunisia, a North African country. Born2kill is the name of his endorsed YouTube channel, which has approximately 7.83 million followers. He transfers his ongoing 1 versus 4 interactions in his channel.

For his 1 versus 4 full-positioned ongoing interaction, he’s one of the upscale. He’s legitimately famous for his inexplicable AWM killing in his interactivity. He has introduced the AWM method into the world of free fire.


8. Vincenzo

Vincenzo is also one of the best Free Fire max players on the planet. He has a connection to Albania, a European country. Vincenzo is the name of his endorsed YouTube channel, which has approximately 6.32 million followers. He transfers his ongoing 1 versus 4 interactions on his channel. Most of the time, he plays to kill a large group, but it isn’t right that he doesn’t know how to play a full-positioned match.

He’s also a full-fledged player. In a garcon, he plays free fire. He’s truly infamous for his headshots, speed, and precision.


9. AjjuBhai94

Ajjubhai94 is regarded as one of the best free-fire max players in the world. He runs the Total Gaming YouTube channel. In India, he’s a popular Free Fire player. In India, his YouTube diversion is extremely popular. It is the most well-known YouTube channel for the Free Fire game.

He appeared in 9231 group games overall. His palm speed is 25.91.


10. Nobru

He is also the owner of the esports group Fluxo. This is an incredible accomplishment at such a young age. His team achieved the fourth position in the Singapore free fire World Series. He is the World Series MVP in 2019. He also has 12.5 million YouTube endorsers and live streams on the jerk.

Wrapping up

From this article, we hope that you know about your favorite Fastest Free Fire Players in the world.

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