China’s Control Over World Health Organization Exposed !!!!!



You must have heard while naming the new variant, who skipped this Greek alphabet. Reason? The W.H.O skips forward two greek letters, avoiding a Xi variant. because this is a common surname and WHO does not want to offend any culture. some people believe this move was done to not offend the Chinese president Xi Jinping.


whose intentions are clean? is W.H.O Scared of china? we can’t really say for sure but we know for sure that if we dig deep into it then we can see some things quite clearly.

Let’s look at W.H.O’s actions over the past 1.5 years carefully and then lets us think why WHO doesn’t stand against china. If you think what we are saying makes sense please share this article with your friends making Articles on topics important to both India and the world in an easy-to-understand language is our mission to support us please share this article with your family and friends.

Why W.H.O Skipped Xi Letter

Covid variants are all named after the Greek Alphabet. who gives these names? W.H.O, who else? we had heard of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, delta variants the next variant should have been the Greek alphabet NU.. but the pronunciation was quite close to the world NEW . which could have been confusing for the people the next alphabet is Xi. but W.H.O said NO!! because many people’s names are Xi we know one Xi .

Do you think this logic is fair? I mean W.H.O is a health organization. They are not social or political organizations. Thinking about society’s reaction is not their job their job is to follow a system. which they have instituted so why is there a problem with only this alphabet?


But this is not the only incidence. Where WHO favored china

How W.H.O Tried To Cover China Mistake

In the first week of 2020 when china was building such big hospitals provinces were internally locking down their people .domestic travel within china was banned but international flights were functioning till March. what kind of logic is this? China has tried to control the narrative from the beginning. scientists bringing a different perspective in front of the world.

They were either silenced or they vanished on 14 January 2020. W.H.O tweeted this they said there was no proof of human-to-human transmission. whereas a few scientists from the W.H.O knew that covid-19 is a respiratory pathogen

which like MERS, can spread from human to human. this is not our claim. A German intelligence report said. Xi Jinping himself had a word with the W.H.O Chief. so that covid warnings would be delayed.

Let me quote the WHO chief on 3rd February, he said. There is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade. At the same time.WHO praised China’s efforts to contain the Covid-19 virus. Till the time WHO thought it was necessary to stop all international travel. Covid had already spread all across the world. It is something we need to think about. If Covid-19 was not discovered in china first. But discovered in some countries in Africa would W.H.O then apply this same logic?

Origin Of The Virus

Where has this virus originated from? W.H.O says covid came from bats into humans. HOW?

W.H.O has not been able to prove this Nicholas Wade has exposed this Usually when any coronavirus jumps from animals to humans there is an intermediary animal in this process. IN SARS the virus jumped from bats to the civet. civets are eaten in china that’s how the virus came to humans. and this data was made available in 4 months.

In MERS, the virus came from bats to camels. camels are consumed in the middle east. that’s how the virus came from camels to humans. This data become available in 9 months. who are the intermediary animals in the covid? This has not yet been proven.

On the other hand. Wuhan, where covid was first detected has a lab that experiments on different viruses like this. what if the virus leaked from the lab in Wuhan? An impartial investigation was needed into the virus origins which W.H.O did not complete in time. instead, the W.H.O gave China time.


if China had nothing to hide, then what was the need to hide the origins of covid?

Vaccine Politics

In March, W.H.O said Chinese vaccines are safe but data is insufficient and within the next 2 months, Chinese vaccines are approved by W.H.O. not just one vaccine but two vaccines are approved. out of the 2, Sinovac’s efficiency is not 51% on the other hand, covaxing, India’s developed vaccine took over 7 months to get approved. The same covaxin was proven to be 50 % more effective against the delta variant.

it had to struggle to be an internally approved vaccine. this caused losses to not only India but the world. lives were Lost. why this discrimination the answer is quite simple. funding. W.H.O earns money from 2 different routes. Assessments and Voluntary contributions. each member state has to pay a fee to the W.H.O this is called Assessment. this is not enough to bear all the costs of W.H.O only 20 % 1/5th of W.H.O’s needs come out of assessments where does the rest of the vitamin M come from?

Voluntary donations.

China pays $10 million extra every year to the W.H.O after 2014 slowly and steadily China has increased its funding to W.H.O by 52%. in total, china gives W.H.O $86 million in funding. The USA, UK japan also give W.H.O additional voluntary funding

But the problem is democracy. who do we maintain a good relationship with? with Biden or Trump? with the democrats or with republicans, it is quite simple with china. You just have to be a friend of the party and not worry.


Because we rely on WHO for credible information. For the past 2 years, they said a lockdown is necessary. and people have been sitting at home. TRAVEL HOSPITALITY and  EVENTS.  so many sectors are badly suffering. but it is fine. everything is okay if we can say for sure that W.H.O is not biased that it is not a sold-out organization that favors china even though it makes the world cry. To win back this trust, WHO will Have to call out what is wrong.

Even If that mistake starts with a particular alphabet and sharing this point with all of you makes a difference to me!


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