China’s 5 Evil Strategies To Take Over India And The World



In the past two years, china’s name is being heard Everywhere. Whether it’s a coronavirus, or the disputes happening between the India-china border, or the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. It feels like China is behind all of this.

On one hand, where the world was focusing on all these things, at the same time, China was quietly getting ready to become a superpower. and they wanted to take over the entire world.
right now, china is as powerful as the USA, if not more. and here we’re not just talking about manpower. but china has such strategies. where china can control countries from within without moving its finger.

The Coronavirus Conspiracy

where and how did it start? now you’ll say, that someone from Wuhan drank the soup of a bat. which is why coronavirus was transferred in humans. but is this true?
wuhan’s doctor Li wenliang has seen the first ccase of coronavirus in November 2019.And soon, that 1 case became 7 cases. he quickly put this news in his university alumni. but the government and police deemed this to be a rumor and this news was silenced. Dr li Meng yan is china’s virologist. who the government had appointed for the research of ‘new Pneumonia but while conducting this research, she got to know that.the chinese governemtn knew ow dangeerous the coronavirus can be.

which is why he covered up this story. along with this, she also talked to china’s WHO consultant. but even they told Dr. Li to keep quiet. one of the WHO’s officials also believes that while experimenting, some virus went into the bat through humans.

and it becomes covid after mutation. when Chinese scientists were researching this the virus leaked and spread among crores of people. As expected China didn’t give any data on this particular thing.

And one year late. when data was given it was data that was very insufficient to come down to any conclusion. and by this time, coronavirus had spread all over the world. and the major economies of the world were down. but, when the whole world was fighting against covid, what was china doing?

The Seaways Capture

At this time, China played a very smart game. in the south china sea where there were many problems related to island ownership,

china claimed those islands. and along with this, china also started giving loans to African countries. which they needed due to the economic crash.

and in return, china kept many national assets of Africa as mortgages. and when America planned to launch an investigation in China.

at that time china demanded WHO that coronavirus has emerged from America. and the investigation should be done there. so china played all these political moves. so that the whole world’s gaze shifts from china.


so, china did play politics but after that china went to the borders of its neighboring countries. and tried to capture them. you must’ve seen the SINO-Indian border dispute on news. but this issue hasn’t been going on from 2021-21
but his issue has been going on since 1914. at that time, India, China, and Tibet’s representatives had met to discuss the border. and there a treaty was signed and along with it, a border was established.

INDIA and TIBET still acknowledged that border but china, as usual, didn’t abstain from its mischiefs. and didn’t sign this treaty. after the war in 1962, NOC was established, also known as the Line of Actual Control. This line was established to maintain peace between INDIA and CHINA.but china slowly started pushing this too.

ON 5th March 2020, china tried doing the same again. where 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the GALWAN VALLEY and many Chinese soldiers were also killed not only in India. China had border disputes going on with many of its neighboring countries. for example.

RUSSIA. Bhutan Vietnam.CHINA had signed many treaties with Russia. but still disrespecting all those treaties, China is claiming 160,000Square KM. of their land. china only shares land borders but, also shares maritime borders with many countries.
Japan, Singapore Mayaysia.And here the dispute is that how much control does china have over the oceans.

China is building its military base in these waters and islands. leave the land and water but china is also claimed over countries like Cambodia. Cambodia is a country that doesn’t share land borders or maritime borders with China.

But because 1000s of years ago, chia’s ming dynasty ruled over there, on that basic, china sys that the land is theirs.


so, why is China doing this? does china want to take over the world just as a hobby? or does China want to control the trade of all countries? out of all these maneuvers, one of the maneuvers is BRI- BELT ROAD INITIATIVE,

but this is not a good thing. because when you’ll read their contracts, you’ll understand why. in the contracts, it is written that if any country changes its major policy. then china has all the right to withdraw their money on dementia for the control of their land. Now obviously, those countries don’t have so much money that they can give china, that oo immediately, which is why no country does major policy changes. and these infrastructure contracts go on for years. not only this, but from their recent actions, it feels like.

China is trying to single out INDIA. Under BRi china had given a loan to Sri Lanka to build a port and when Sri Lanka couldn’t pay back that loan. Sri Lanka gave the HAMBANOTA PORT to china.

and along with that, also a land of 15000 acres. so now, china strategically owns a territory that is just a few kilometers away from INDIA. they’ve covered it from the south but in the north too, china has made 3 villages in BHUTAN. these villages have been built for the people there but in return, China can keep its watch post there. and along with this, the Chinese communist party can have its centers established at that place.


So this is how china wants to control the whole world. let us know your thoughts in the comment section and do share this article with your family and friends.

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