Can Headphones Cause Ear Infections! Is Headphones Bad?

Can Headphones Cause Ear Infections! Is Headphones Bad?

Headphones aren’t harmful Loud noise is. The headphones themselves are not harmful, but if you use them every day for long periods and/or have small ear canals, the earwax build-up quickly builds up DB of the perceived volume even for moderately long periods…

Human ears are snug between 60–75 decibels of perceived loudness even for moderately long periods.

when using for long periods, every hour remove them, wait and take a deep breath and then resume. This is just to have airflow and ease the ears if there’s a temperature/pressure change.

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3 variables are factoring out your ear-phone effects on hearing:

  • Volume
  • Time of exposure
  • Design of earphones.


Mini Shortner! Is Headphone bad for you

Dr. Martine Hamann of the University of Leicester within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland recently discovered that exposing your ears to loud sounds will trigger uncontrolled activity within the neurons of the dorsal tube nucleus.

Long Story Short

Yes. Listening to music through the phone is harmful. Avoid phoning the maximum amount you’ll. Now a day, once the competition has enlarged most, it additionally will increase tension and stress. Listening to songs on the phone for while can increase a lot of stress and pressure in your mind. therefore avoid earphones and particularly after you are listening to loud music. it should affect your listening power too. keep and lookout.

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