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Best Trading App In India: Top 10 Online Stock Market Apps

In this article, you will find the top Online Stock Market apps in India with their pricing, highlighted features and pros & cons to find out the best trading app in India:

You no longer need to leave your comfortable house to trade. Through your private mobile phone, you can trade online at any time and from anywhere. There are trading applications available. All you have to do is do some fast research and download the app from your app store.

When selecting a trading software, seek one that provides advanced order placement features. Limit orders, bracket orders, and so on. This function can be quite useful in maximising profits while trading.

Online Stock Market Apps
Online Stock Market Apps


List of Top 10 Online Stock Market Trading apps in India

  1. Upstox Pro App
  2. Angel Broking Mobile app
  3. Groww app
  4. Zerodha Kite
  5. IIFL Markets
  6. 5 Paisa
  7. Motilal Oswal MO Investor app
  8. Fyers App
  9. HDFC Securities
  10. Edelweiss Online Trading App

1. Upstox Pro App

RKSV Securities’ Upstox is an investment management brand. RKSV is a SEBI-registered financial service firm in Mumbai created in 2009. RKSV provides stock trading, commodities trading, FX derivatives trading, mutual fund trading, and Demat account trading.

Upstox Pro App

  • Android rating: 4.6/5 Stars
  • Android Downloads: 10Million plus
  • IOS Rating: 4.3/5 Stars

Features Of Upstox Pro app :

  • Charts to assist you in making informed investment decisions.
  • Stocks can be bought and sold quickly.
  • Cover orders and bracket orders.
  • Notifies you when the prices of your selected stocks change.


  • Aftermarket orders can be limited.
  • User-friendly interface
  • An easy-to-navigate interface


  • The number of components from other apps is limited
  • IPOs and FPOs receive no investment support.


  • Equity Delivery is Rs 20/ 2.5 per cent of net deal value (lowest one).
  • Stock Intraday, Equity Futures, Forex, and Commodity Futures all cost Rs 20 or 0.05 per cent (whichever is lower).

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2. Angel Broking Mobile App

Angel Broking is India’s best stock market app. It was founded in 1987 and currently has around 1.4 million active customers. You can either buy a pre-made curated portfolio or have it handled by professionals.

Angel Broking Mobile App

  • Android rating: 4.2/5 Stars
  • Android Downloads: 10.5 Million plus
  • IOS Rating: 3.8/5 Stars

Features Of Angel Broking Mobile app :

  • Understand the market with the assistance of experienced research.
  • Maintains your portfolio’s integrity.
  • Small cases can help you build a varied, low-cost portfolio.


  • There are no brokerage fees.
  • Invest in a current or planned IPO in India.
  • Margin accounts are available.

Cons :

  • There is no copy trading feature.
  • E-wallets have no support.

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3. Groww App

Since its inception as one of the most basic of all applications, Groww App has been loyal to its moniker. It is a well-known stock market app that allows traders to conduct business from any location and at any time. Groww Trading App is without a doubt India’s top trading app.

Groww App

  • Android rating: 4.5/5 Stars
  • Android Downloads: 10 Million plus
  • IOS Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Features of Groww App

  • Buy gold, fixed deposits, domestic and international shares, mutual funds, futures and options, and futures trading (F&Os).
  • Resources for learning
  • Per day, withdraw rupee50,000 or 90% of the total amount invested (whichever is lesser).
  • Trading on your own terms.
  • Advanced charts to support in the analysis of market trends.


  • You can withdraw up to $50,000 every day, or 90% of your investment.
  • Gold, Indian and US stocks, mutual funds, futures and options are all available. Self-managed trading.
  • There will be no account opening or AMC.


  • Brackets & orders, Cover orders, and other advanced order kinds are not available.

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4 . Zerodha kite

Zerodha Kite is the country’s leading stockbroker’s primary mobile trading app. It is one of the best trading apps in India, among others, in terms of trade volume. It works on both iOS and Android devices.

Zerodha kite

  • Android rating: 4.2/5 stars
  • Android downloads: 10 Million plus
  • IOS Rating: 3.3/5 stars

Features of Zerodha kite :

  • There are six different chart kinds to help you identify market conditions.
  • Provides market headlines and keeps you informed about activities that could affect the value of your assets.
  • Mobile app that is simple to use.
  • Your favourite scrips can be pinned.


  • Mutual Funds and IPOs investment options do not have separate back-office management.

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5. IIFL Markets

IFL Markets App is the greatest trading app for smartphones, providing users with an incomparable trading experience as well as outstanding investing ideas to assist them in making the best decision possible. It is known for being one of the most features, making it India’s best trading app.

IIFL Markets

  • Android rating: 4.4/5 stars
  • Android Downloads: 5 Million plus
  • IOS rating: 4.3/5 stars

Features of IIFL Markets :

  • Cross-exchange customised watch lists
  • BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX are some of the investment options available.
  • Live pricing for commodities, stocks, and currencies are available.
  • Recommendations on the top 500 stocks in various categories, topics, and industries
  • 140 publicly traded firms were studied.
  • The company is best known for its free research papers.


  • Free research documents
  • Notifications concerning market developments
  • There are no account administration fees.


  • There are no demo trading accounts available.
  • Only trades in Indian stocks.


  • On all equities deliveries, there is no brokerage.
  • Intraday equities, stock futures, equity options, forex futures and options, and commodities futures and options are all worth Rs. 20 or 0.05 per cent.

6. 5 Paisa Trading app

When it comes to finding an easy-to-use trading software, 5Paisa Mobile Investing App is the greatest online brokerage app in India. It works on both IOS and android devices. The fully functional and intelligent mobile trading app provides practically all of the capabilities that an investor or trader requires.

5 Paisa Trading app

  • Android rating: 4.2/5 stars
  • Android downloads: 10 million plus
  • IOS Rating: 4/5 stars

Features of 5paisa Trading app :

  • Stocks, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and more can all be traded in.
  • The auto-investing option is designed for specific goals.
  • The UI is so simple that anyone can easily operate
  • You can buy or sell any stock in one simple click


  • Research instruments
  • Simple to use.
  • Investing in automobiles.
  • Resources for learning
  • On mutual fund trading, there is a rupee zero commission.


  • Commodity trading is prohibited.
  • 3-in-1 accounts are not available.


  • For all trade segments, there is a flat rate of Rs. 20/order.

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7. Motilal Oswal (MO) Investor App

The MO Investor app is a client financial solution for stock market investing. It allows new and experienced investors to make informed investment selections based on their own customisable trading features. It is the greatest trading app in India because it has no costs, one-click money transfers, and other features.

Motilal Oswal

  • Android Rating: 4/5 star
  • Android downloads: 1 Million plus
  • IOS Rating: 3.7/5 star

Features of Motilal Oswal :

  • Portfolio analysis in depth
  • Personalized quote page for your business
  • Advisor Robot
  • Market analysis in real-time
  • Stock combination recommendations
  • Various mutual fund choices


  • Advice about an investment.
  • Resources for learning
  • Buy and sell digital gold.
  • Tools for market research.
  • Price notifications


  • There is no foreign stock trading.


  • 0.50 per cent delivery trader
  • Intraday trades are 0.05 percent more expensive.

8. FYERS App

FYERS Markets is a reducing mobile trading programme developed by FYERS Securities, a major Indian stockbroker. Traders can use the software to trade stocks without having to leave their homes. Its characteristics allow it one of India’s greatest trading apps.

  • Android rating: 4.1/5 star
  • Android download: 5 lakh plus
  • IOS rating: 4.2/5 stars

Features of FYERS App :

  • Free access to advanced charting is provided.
  • Web or mobile app access. Both are synchronised by default.
  • Market trend charts
  • Notifies you of important stock market news.


  • Market watch, which is customisable, allows you to check real-time statistics.
  • For equities delivery, there is no brokerage.
  • Option for advanced trading


  • You cannot start investing with this programme.
  • Depository fees are high.


  • All segments, including derivatives, equity, commodities, and intraday, have a flat rate of Rs. 20 per order.

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9. HDFC Securities

It’s a simple mobile trading programme that can be downloaded and used on any smartphone. It maintains a high level of energy at all times. HDFC Securities has released a new version of an app that is far more user-friendly. It has over 10 lakh downloads on the Google Play Store and a mixed rating of 4.2, making it one of India’s most popular trading apps.

HDFC Securities

  • Android rating: 4.2/5 star
  • Android download: 10 Million plus
  • IOS rating: 3.6/ 5 star

Features of HDFC Securities :

  • Trade stocks, mutual funds, options, currency, initial public offerings (IPOs), commodities, and digital gold.
  • You can possibly trade in the global market
  • It supports you in creating investing strategies.
  • Place your order using brackets, baskets, and other clever methods.
  • A three-in-one account that includes your savings, trading, and Demat accounts.


  • Real-time intraday charting
  • Stock market news and notifications on a regular basis
  • Digital gold and global trading


  • Brokerage fees are expensive.
  • There is no upfront purchasing and selling process.


  • For stock delivery, stock intraday, and market futures, 0.50 percent or a minimum of Rs.25 is required.
  • For stock options, the price is Rs 100 per basket or 1% of the price (whichever is higher).

10. Edelweiss Online Trading

The Edelweiss trading app is noted for having a convenient single-touch login function that uses a fingerprint.

This is one of the top trading apps in India, with genuine streaming share price and tick-by-tick charts to bring traders and investors up to date on market developments and assist them in quickly analysing the market.

Edelweiss Online Trading

  • Android rating: 4.3/5 star
  • Android downloads: 1 million plus
  • IOS rating: 4/5 star

Features of Edelweiss Online Trading App :

  • A dedicated market perspective based on the present state of the BSE and NSE indices
  • Market commentary and general sector performance in real time
  • Displays direct Derivative transitions across the market. Best known for advanced market analysis tools.

Pros :

  • Tools for Market Research
  • There are no account opening fees or AMCs.
  • its simple capital transfer makes this app special


  • There are no bracket orders.
  • Call trades are expensive.


  • For all executed orders, a brokerage is RS 10 per order.


With the use of simple apps, you may begin trading and investing right from your phone. If you need to invest a substantial sum of money, go with the app that provides you with an advisor and portfolio advice. Advanced charting and market analytics tools can help you make an informed investment. Beginners should opt for an app that allows them to create a low-cost portfolio while also providing learning resources and portfolio management recommendations.

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