Azim Premji’s life Lesson That Will Help You A lot.

Today, we’d like to tell you about an individual who paid Rs. 22 crores per day in 2020. Who gives a total of Rs. 7904 crores in a single year? A person who donates 34 percent of his net fortune, or Rs. 50,000 crores, to the development of his nation. What will his way of life be like?  So today you will learn Azim Premji’s life Lesson That Will Help You A lot.

He is Azim Premji, India’s most philanthropic guy. Why is he known as the “Miserly Billionaire”?

Palm oil was once refined by Wipro or Western Indian Products. Azim Premji took over as CEO in the 1980s, and the corporation expanded into the IT and tech sectors.

Wipro is India’s 9th largest employer, with a workforce of almost 2 lakh workers.

Outsourcing accounts for 93 percent of a company’s income. This is a corporation that generates a lot of money. This major shift occurred as a result of Azim Premji’s mindset. And if we want to comprehend his mindset, we must first examine his vehicle.

Is that his car? If you ask a celebrity nowadays what their ideal automobile is, you’ll probably get photos like these, which come with a huge price tag, but Azim Premji’s favorite car looks like this. He had driven this car a lot in his childhood and he believed it was lucky for him. When his previous Ford automobile broke down in 2000, he decided to replace it with this one

He also didn’t want to buy it from a shop. He wanted it from Wipro, his firm.
“Sir, the firm is yours,” his staff said. The automobile is registered in the company’s name, thus it is yours.” But Azim sir refused! The automobile is a business asset, and I’d want to purchase it per company policy.
When his workers looked at the balance sheet, they discovered that the car’s worth had dropped to nothing. The automobile had gotten so ancient that it had been removed off the balance sheet by the accountants.
Let’s do one thing, remarked Azim sir. Let’s place an advertisement in the newspaper to sell this automobile. So, whatever amount a buyer offers, I’ll pay it to the corporation and purchase the automobile.

These are known as VALUES, and they are the basis of a business.
If you think of Wipro as a successful company, he says, it’s because of our beliefs! Our actions and judgments are guided only by our character. We committed to unshakable honesty, which aided us in difficult commercial conditions.
Some behaviors are referred to as “habits.” Miserly, Middle-class, and impoverished. When others learn about this, they worry, but Azim Premji sir has gladly integrated it into his life.
He has set several regulations in his organization, for example, that any employee who uses a xerox or photocopy must utilize both sides of the paper.

He observed something odd at a board meeting. Members of the board did not complete their coffee, which was thrown out. He went into action and ordered that cup sizes be modified to prevent food waste.

Azim Sir asked T.K Kurien, who used to monitor Azim Premji’s investments, a very fascinating question: Do you know how much the firm spends on toilet paper? It’s worth noting that Azim Sir was familiar with the figure.
Consider how much the big boss appreciates wasting tiny items like paper, coffee, and toilet paper. Now consider how much he values his most valuable resource. His human capital.

Many of his workers’ further education has been paid for by him! Because for him, an employee is an asset that must be nurtured, not a cost.
An eager employee joined Wipro’s HR Department in the year 2000. Premji sir was surprised with a party by an employee.
The entire office was decked out with ribbons and balloons. The goal was to catch their employer off guard. Azim Sir, on the other hand, was not pleased with the surprise. He requested that all of the decorations be taken down.
On the other hand, he ordered Dilpasand from his favorite Iyengar Bakery for the entire workforce on the same day. This mentality is referred to be miserly by others.
Extravagance is not required for the celebration. This is something we must learn!

Showing off does not confer status. This is India as we know it.

What does Azim Premji do with all of this money that has been saved? He needs to splurge on something. Yes, he indulges in his vices.

He wants to improve India’s education system. His nonprofit has partnered with 3500 government schools in 15 states to create a collaborative effort.

It educates instructors to raise teaching standards. It has given more than Rs. 500 crores to more than 150 charities.

He was the one who gave Rs. 7904 crores without hesitation last year, when the entire country was suffering. He gave the most and was named the most charitable billionaire in 2020.
Should we all give half of our riches as well? Should we conduct our lives in the manner of a monk? Shouldn’t we be able to enjoy ourselves? NO!

Today, we’ve seen a pattern. A tendency that associates pleasure with bravado. It’s your money, therefore you get to determine how you want to spend it.

However, spend them on things that are important to you. Strangers shouldn’t think they’re valued.

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like,” says a character in the film Fight Club. Things we possess eventually come to own us.

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